Resources For Human Development, Inc. Registered Nurse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Description/Job Summary

Position Summary

This position is responsible to assist adults with disabilities to manage their healthcare in accordance with the Administrative Rules of South Dakota, RHD s mission and values while utilizing Person-Centered Practices. Nursing responsibilities will include individuals living in the transitional home as well as assistance, as needed, for individuals living in Shared Living environments.

Work Hours

The nurse s hours of work will vary depending on the needs of the people supported. This position is a full-time position. The nurse must be flexible enough to accommodate individual schedules, Shared Living Provider schedules, while assuring the health and safety of the individuals receiving supports and services in each environment. The nurse must be able to work evenings and weekends, as the medical needs of the individuals require.

On-Call Procedures

The nurse must be able to be reached at all times of the day (including work and non-working hours) to assure health and safety of the individuals. This means that at times, the nurse may be required to communicate to entity s such as pharmacy s, dentists, therapists, doctors, intake specialists, etc. to assure clear and accurate health information relating to the participant when medical issues arise. The organizations management team will have rotating on-calls and will take all calls but at times, the nurse may need to be reached for consult or should an emergency situation arise that requires medical attention.

Essential Duties and Functions

  • The following are a list of job duties that are viewed as “Core Responsibilities . “Core Responsibilities are essential job functions of a Nurse, must occur and are considered non-negotiable. Nurses that fulfill these job functions are meeting minimum standards related to job expectations:

  • Conduct a minimum of 20 hours with each employee to assure medication administration; including academic instruction and practical application.

  • Work with employees to assure medication administration proficiency.

  • Conduct annual re-certifications for Medication Administration.

  • Track, trend and analyze medication errors including a process for on-going quality assurance and monitoring of medication errors and prevention of medication errors.

  • Complete initial and annual Medical Assessment Summary s for each individual.

  • Communicate with mental health professionals as it relates to each individual s needs.

  • Assure medical appointments are being followed up on, implemented (as needed) and assuring understanding for everyone involved in the individual s life.

  • Assure guardian notification and approval has been completed prior to starting, discontinuing or increasing any medications.

  • Complete monthly Medication Error meetings with management team.

  • Complete non-delegable tasks as needed.

  • Assist team members in assuring that each individual is supported to understand the benefits and risks of each medication they take.

  • Assist Team Leaders to obtain annual blood levels.

  • Assure all medical related information is communicated to the team.

  • Attend all initial and annual team meetings for individuals as desired by the individual.

  • Assist Program Director in creating, revising and assessing policies and procedures as it relates to medical.

  • Assure all needed annual physicals and exams are being completed for each person.

  • Review Medical Appointment Summary and determine if follow up action is needed.

  • May be required to provide remote support to other programs within the Midwest Division of RHD.

  • Train all Shared Living Providers in Medication Administration and assure proficiency.


The Registered Nurse providing delegation and supervision to non-licensed trained staff and Shared Living Providers must be licensed pursuant to chapter 20:48:03. Verification with the Board of Nursing will be required to assure current licensure and has the privilege to practice in the State of South Dakota.

Qualifications include:

  • 4-year degree and Registered Nursing License and ability to practice in South Dakota.

  • 2 years experience in working with persons with disabilities is preferred.

  • Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status. *